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Debbie Meyer Green Bags

Debbie Meyer Green BagsToday I came across a post on one of my favorite recipe sites that talks about a product called Debbie Meyer Green Bags.  Now, Ginger will probably tell you that I am a sucker for gadgets like this.  As a side note, I think I get that from my mom, who always has tons of catalogs around full of cool little gadgets!  Anyways, the Green Bags are supposed to help significantly extend the life of your produce.  For those of us that like to have fresh fruits and vegetables around, but find their lives draining away before we get a chance to eat them, these look to be a big help.  Take a look at the original article here:

It gives a really good review of the bags; in other words, no snake oil here!  You can find them just about anywhere, to include  Anyways, just a tip that I thought I’d pass on to anyone interested!

2 thoughts on “Debbie Meyer Green Bags

  1. Laura on said:

    This was the worst purchase I ever made.

    My stuff rotted faster than if I had left it alone. Her website does not even have a “Contact Us” area, and the phone number only accepts orders – there is no live person with which to speak.

    I am totally disgusted.

  2. Matt on said:

    From what I can tell, there are definitely mixed results. I did just get off the phone with my mom back in Arizona and she has been using them and they’ve been working out great. Wonder if there’s some secret tip to ensure they work properly.

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