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A Good Day

We had a great day today hanging out at the old harbor in Chania. I had heard that the RAF Red Arrows were going to be in town flying as part of the weekend’s Battle of Crete festivities. So, I got the crew up early this morning so we could head downtown and make sure to find a place to park. We wandered around the harbor for about an hour before the show started, but it is always so beautiful down there – and really, even more so in the morning when it is a LOT less crowded. After the show, we wandered some of the old streets of Chania – definitely the kind of thing you picture when you think of Greece. Well, enjoy the photos!

Battle of Crete

2 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Matt on said:

    Thanks! One thing that I love about digital cameras is that you can take so many pictures, which increases your chances that you’re going to get at least 1 good one!

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