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My Husband Matt

In honor of Father’s Day and just because I love him, I dedicate this post to my awesome husband Matt. He is wholeheartedly dedicated to the Lord, his family, and in helping others in need. Matt is a devoted father to his two children. He is a supportive and loving husband. Matt is also a loving son to his mom and dad. Let’s not forget to mention that he loves his dog Annie.

He is my husband, the one I love and the one that loves me. He loves me, despite knowing my faults. He works hard to make me happy and to make the kids laugh. He loves our boys to the end of the world and back. He also fixes stuff, as Gavin and Tristan point out, and loves photography. He is fickle, but always compassionate. He is funny, but sensitive to the tone of my voice. He is a student seeking God’s instruction, will, and direction. He is Matthew, gift of God 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Husband Matt

  1. Aubre Rice on said:

    I love this Ginger! I agree with all you’ve said…Matt is such a loving person and I know he adores his family! Matt, I am so proud of the father and usband you are….and I am so happy to see what a wonderful live you are living. You deserve it!

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