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While writing my last post I overheard my neighbors. They kept saying “Maaaa, maaaa, maaaa”. If I didn’t know better I would think they were saying “Maaaatt, Maaaatt, Maaaatt.” Maybe they are.

I usually stop by to chat with them. They are so nice and always have pleasant things to say. Granted, they are goats, known for being much more outgoing than your average sheep.

A few times a year the goats have kids, which are they ones making all the chit-chat lately. They are so cute when they are little. Some have little horn nubs growing out the tops of their heads. Today, since it is quite warm, they were seeking shade underneath their food trough, while their older siblings and mothers grabbed a bite to eat. I must have been relatively stealthy, because the rooster next door to the goats kept quite.

As I turned to go, I took a good look at our house. I saw a big yard, with green grass, and a lot of plants. Wow, those goats must hate us. There they are just across the street and never leave the pen. I can often hear them crying out for food when their owner is not there. I know their game. They are goats after all. They’ll eat the muffler off your car if you’re not careful.

As for our human neighbors . . . they are quite nice too.


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