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Orange You Glad?

After Tristan, Gavin, and I hopped into the Crane’s car (Richard & Melanie), we were wisked away to pick oranges. Their friend owns the orchard and lets them pick oranges and lemons. It was slim pickins’ but we found a few plump oranges and many lemons. We must have missed the oranges by a week or so, judging from the ones lying on the ground.

I had planned to have two helpers, but Gavin decided to help Melanie instead. He found quite a lot of lemons for Cranes. So much so that Melanie found herself looking for recipes that called for lemons. By the way, she did make some delicious Lemon Bread. Tristan was my helper bee. He found some good ones! What a good boy helping out his mom.

Melanie explained that their friend’s father decided to change the type of orange that grew. So he cut the trees down and grafted a new kind of orange tree onto the base of the original tree. Really cool stuff and it’s amazing that grafting can be done.


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