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All Quiet on the Western Front

Oh the horror of it all!

Where are all of our posts?

What have we really been doing for a year (or two)?

I’ll tell you the ugly, plain, wart-covered truth – we’re lazy. Okay, I’m lazy. We have so much going on and we want to share it with you. Really, we do. I do. I’m just going to use that “royal we” thing when referring to myself, unless I’m talking about the family then it’s just “we” or “us”.

Just roll with it peeps.

So, what have we been up to all this time? Well . . . cooking, some travelling, eating, preparing for homeschooling, reading, cooking, book reviewing, eating, pet doctoring, did I mention cooking and eating? Oh yes, I have been cleaning too, but that’s one of those items that you just don’t mention. I guess it’s an unmentionable. When you come right down to it, no one wants to hear about that red M&M that Gavin found under the couch. The same couch that has been swept underneath on a regular basis by me. Can’t blame the kids for that one. Especially when the M&M probably came from me, too.

Oh yeah and we’ve been tinkering in the garden. We planted several veggies and herbs this spring. We are super excited about the fruits of our labor (pun intended!).

Bear with me/us and I/we as we actually share our on-going adventures you.

Peace out,


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