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Ireland – Day 4

Day 4 was boat tour day! We set out on a boat from the tiny town of Ventry. We were headed out towards Blasket Island and possibly spot some aquatic life. We saw some Gannets, a glimpse of a couple porpoises, and some friendly seals. We missed the humpback whales that were spotted earlier in the morning by our wildlife guide. She said that she had seen them earlier from her telescope on the tip of Dingle Peninsula. It was definitely a day to wear our caps to keep the cold and wind out. Hey! We even looked like Irish Fishermen. On our way back, the captain let the boys steer the boat. Tristan looked relaxed while Gavin looked like he was disarming a bomb. The trip was about four hours long. We determined later that the cold and the wind had had their way with the boys’ cheeks. Matt, Tristan, and Gavin had some rosy red cheeks as souvenirs for the day. When our boat returned to Ventry, the tide was out so we had to climb in the dinghy and head for the dock. We noticed two little girls, younger than our kids, who were running around the rocks in their underwear or little swim bottoms. It was extremely cold by this time of day and they must have been little popsicles.

We ate dinner at a restaurant near Island Gregory, the next town over from Camp, at a place called the Seven Hogs. It was just another overpriced pub. It makes me wonder how locals can afford to eat out? This place was full of locals.

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