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Ireland – Day 5

Day 5

On day 5, we had to talk ourselves into leaving the B&B and head out for the day. It was very windy on this particular morning. We finally decided not to let the weather dictate our fun time. We were so glad to have gotten in the car and drive to Crag Cave near Castleisland. It’s a small cave, but the kids loved it.

Then we headed toward Killarney to visit the Muckross House. Apparently, Queen Victoria stayed here for two nights, after giving the owners a six-year notice of her arrival. The house is quite elaborate, with many servant bells in the cellar. I guess that was what caught my attention. Every room upstairs had a button that rang that room’s bell for the servants. Each bell is a different size and makes it’s own sound. We also saw how a person takes sheep wool, uses two brushes to get it tamed, and then feed it into a spinning wheel. A young woman demonstrated this to us and I just couldn’t grasp how it goes from being a wad of fur to her pulling it into a sort of string. It looks easy, but I know there’s some skill in that. After the house tour we walked a ways to the Traditional Farm on the same grounds. We saw how the farmers worked and lived in the 1930s. Seven kids sharing two beds and all mattresses stuffed with hay. Sounds comfy don’t it. The houses were especially smoky and used a combination of wood and peat in their fireplaces. Actually, people still use peat that is taken out of bogs and left to dry for a couple of days. Then they stack it right next to their firewood. It smells a bit different, not bad though. Going back to the houses . . . the farmhouses were a long, narrow building and the farm animals lived on either side of the main house. So, only one structure was built, with stonewalls separating the animals, tool shed, and the family.

We had a great walk around the different farms, seeing how the smallest farmer worked & lived with a single building all the way to the bigger farmer’s farm with multiple buildings and more elaborate tools and machinery. It was very interesting to see.

We headed back to the Dingle Peninsula for dinner, stopping this time at a place called Sammy’s in Inch. We ate another pricey meal, but I will say that the Mushroom Cream Soup was fabulous! They also had many tasty desserts here. After dinner we cruised along the beach in the dark. Unbelievably, there were still surfers in the water! That was surprising due to the fact that it was cold out and that the water was much colder. I mean BRRRRRR!

On a side note – every morning there was so much condensation on the window of our room and our bathroom towels just never wanted to dry.

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