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Ireland – Day 3

On day 3, We left County Kerry for County Clare. Our mission: To kiss the Blarney Stone. We stopped just outside of Cork at the Blarney Castle, were tourists wait their turn to kiss the stone that is famous for it’s gift of gab. Gavin did not want to leave Ireland without doing this. Plus, we just had to see what all this Blarney was about. We snaked our way up through the castle. As we neared our turn, Gavin started to get a little anxious. He was a trooper though. For the rest of us, it turned out to be a gross experience. Gavin was just small enough to bypass all the slobber and lipstick left on that nasty stone. But we did it! And now we can gab all day long. Actually, that much hasn’t really changed.

We walked a little way through the expansive gardens and had a picnic lunch. Luckily, we had stopped and purchased some basic sandwich and snack necessities at a market.

After lunch, we got back into the car and drove toward Tipperary. Our next stop was the Rock of Cashel, where St. Patrick baptized King Aengus. It’s a pretty impressive castle/church. Most impressive though was the abbey that could be seen in the distance. We decided to take a hike down to the abbey. The abbey was run by monks who thought they were the most humble and deprived. Apparently, this was a quality most sought after by monks.

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