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Living in Europe has given us the opportunity to visit many sites and experience many new things. This year we had the amazing privilege to travel to Ireland for a week. We thought it best to go prepared. We watched a Rick Steves’ video on Ireland and poured over many guidebooks from the library. We decided to spend our time in the southwestern area of the country. Thankfully, Matt is a details kind of guy and he made all the travel arrangements (thanks honey!). We also decided to ditch the shorts and t-shirts and pullout our winter clothing. Not only that, but we thought it best to bring some rain gear. That ended up being a good move.

Well the Emerald Isle cannot remain green without a certain ingredient. Any guess as to what that is? No, it’s not Guinness! That’s not green anyway. I will testify that it does rain quite a bit. It rained everyday that we were there. It does rain a lot where we live in Germany, but it doesn’t feel quite the same as when we were in Ireland.

I’ve decided that the best way to share our trip with you is to split the days up (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). So here we go with day one…

We flew Ryan Air into Kerry. Two things surprised me that day: 1) Ryan Air is an Irish Airline (duh!) and 2) Kerry has the smallest airport I have ever seen.

We rented a car and Matt chauffeured us around all week, remembering to drive on the left side. Right? I mean, correct?

We stayed at a B & B called Moan Laur, which is located just outside of Camp, on the Dingle Peninsula. The B & B served as our base camp for the duration of our trip. It turns out that our favorite pub, The Junction, is located in Camp. We ate there almost every night and never regretted it. Matt ordered a Guinness, even though he’s not much of a fan. He was very impressed by the drink’s head and he said that it tasted much, much better than what we get in America. I had to take a sip. I’m not a fan of any beer, but the Guinness wasn’t too shabby. It doesn’t have that “beer smell” that reminds me of moldy bread. Matt did remark that the bartender/owner took great care in pouring that beer, which is only proper.

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