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Saudi Arabia & Pajama Friday

Today is Friday, also known as “Pajama Friday” in the Barker household. Pajama Friday started out because mom sort of has trouble waking up and being cheerful by the time Friday morning rolls around. To help ease this situation, Fridays are more casual and laid back. Oddly enough, we tend to begin our school day a tad earlier than usual.

The kids set to work on their respectful subjects and tried to work as independently as possible. I think that is the ultimate goal here – independent work. However, sometimes I’m the one disrupting the flow and the serenity that is rare nowadays. I try to be a little too encouraging and offer too many options for Bean-O. Then I notice him jumping around from subject to subject without making any progress – heck, without even opening a single book.

But today was not a day of bad behavior.

Well, at least that’s not why I am writing.

Today we had a great, fabulous, and outstanding day. It started out a little rocky. Gavin started to freak out about his recitation of a memory verse that he had already completed few weeks ago.

This week’s verse, no problem.

Last week’s, no problem.

Two weeks ago, a little problem.

I found myself lecturing the little man on the many ways in which a person could memorize something. Then I realized I had lost him . . .

The dead, glazed over look he gave me was probably what did it. Either that, or the fact that all of the veins in his head were popping out. I think it was the eyes though.

We quickly moved into a new direction. Now this is where a distract-O-mom can come in handy. I told him to work on something else while I created a puzzle for him. I turned the troublesome memory verse into a puzzle for him to assemble. He loved it! The best thing of all is that he was able to recite the whole verse and he did it with a smile on his face. I laugh in the face of adversity. Ha ha ha ha. Until tomorrow.

Later, the boys and I headed to the kitchen for a cooking adventure. The boys just finished up the first of two weeks in the Middle East. Currently, they are learning about Saudi Arabia, as well as other countries in Asia.

Now, they just love helping out and trying new things (that’s why I love ’em), but today Tristan already knew that he wasn’t going to like the food for today – hummus. He doesn’t like the texture. I will give him an honorable mention because, he tried some anyway and turns out that he still doesn’t like it. No big whoop. When we finished making the hummus, I came to the realization that we didn’t have anything to eat it with. Ho hum. Great planning mom. So, I made some pitas. Turns out that the pitas were the star of the show!

They turned out to be drop dead gorgeous.

Try them with honey, which turns out to be nearly identical to a sopapilla. Oh my heart be still. Is there anything more delicious than a fresh, warm sopapilla with honey? Anyone remember Panchos or Gordos? Or was Pancho gordo? Hmmm, no I don’t think so.

Tristan is determined to have one with jam on it tomorrow. Hmmm. Is that for breakfast or lunch I wonder?

3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia & Pajama Friday

  1. Matt on said:

    Oh man! I definitely preferred Gordos to Panchos. Still remember my favorite waitress, who was there for what must have been at least 20 years! Panchos sure did have some good sopapillas, though… Ahhh… Good times…

  2. Nana on said:

    Girl you are incredible! Distracto mom is a super being. I can tastethose warm sopapillas too. Were those your first pitas? You’ve got talent!!!

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