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It’s a Miracle . . . Berry.

As you may know, Matt is a finder of things. Cool things. New things. Techie things. Blue things. Sometimes he tells me about things like Fury Cows, Wampa Ice Scrapers, Hamburger stuffers, and the most awesome golf clubs. He helps keep me “in the know,” you know? His latest find is called the Miracle Berry. I admit, when he told me about this berry, I was not interested in it. It makes sour or bitter food palatable.

Limes. You can eat a lime after you eat a berry. Grapefruit too. And vinegar, if you are wondering.

Matt bought a package of Mberry. Thanks to modern technology, the berry comes in a tablet. You chew it and let it coat your tongue. Then you can eat all that food that you would otherwise not eat. Gavin said the tablet tasted weird. So it took him a few minutes just to chew it up.

We tested the berry out. Matt put together a platter of food to experiment with. And vinegar. I have to say that this is a very curious berry/tablet. I ate a lime like it was a strawberry. The vinegar had a sweetness that I cannot describe. However, I will say that the smell of the food item remains. Just before I took a sip of vinegar, I inhaled the vinegar in my cup. Bad idea! I recovered and then took a sip. I warned everyone else to NOT smell the vinegar first.

It’s such trickery! Your nose, your brain, and your tastebuds just will not agree with one another.

If you see Mberry or miracle berry, you may want to experiment with it, too.

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