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Chicken Coop: Day 3

Yesterday ended with some real progress. Truth be told, everyday has ended with progress, but Day 3’s progress was made evident by the appearance of a real chicken coop shape. And I must say, it is rather shapely. Rectangular shape-ity, shaped shape.

We were able to assemble the three other walls of the frame before noon. We were able to build the first walll yesterday. The walls were a quick task. Then we laid them out according to their respective locations and attached them to the base. Then the roof beams were attached. As you can see, the roof is constructed at an angle. The front of the coop is about 7 feet tall and the rear is a foot shorter (give or take a few inches). Remember, I’m not the math whiz. I can’t remember what the final measurement was, but that’ll do.

The roof beams took a while longer. This is the point in which I was beginning to think we were done for the day. I mean when Matt says, “This is good for today. Right?” And then I agree. I think that ¬†means that we’re done. Nope. It doesn’t mean we’re done. It may mean that in your language, but the Barkers are special. I have decoded this message to mean that we are now ready to begin another project. Who knew?

Project 2: Day 3

The next project was building the door. It was constructed much like a sandwich, in that the hardware cloth is sandwiched between two boards. We chose hardware cloth over chicken wire to limit the variety of vermin that could enter the coop. The wire/cloth is super sharp and dangerous. Since it is rolled, it has the tendency to roll back on itself and you. When handling the wire, you must take precautions. We wore our gloves and made sure to secure the wire when being cut. We did this just by standing on the wire and holding the roll steady. Then Matt folded the sharp ends under. You definitely don’t want sharp pieces of galvanized wire sticking out. Ouch!

Matt and the boys attached the door to the frame with three hinges. Then he attached another board above the door and in the interior of the coop. This will act as a “catch” for the door. He also attached a spring to the door and frame to help keep the door closed. Then the handle & latch were attached. Whew.

Who knew that a door was so detailed? I thought it was just a rectangle with a handle.

Not really! Give me some credit!

Stay posted for details from Day 4.

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