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Earl Grey

Attention: We have a new family member.

The boys have just started 4-H. Do you know what 4-H is? My answer is . . . a club that does stuff with animals. But, that’s not the technical description. I just learned recently what the 4-Hs stand for: Head, heart, hands, and health. I never knew.

My first impression of the group’s meeting was CHAOS. I’m pretty sure my family was contemplating turning around and leaving. I’m not sure what transpired after the first 15 minutes. I sort of blacked out. Clearly, I have no idea what livestock judging is, let alone why horses wearing blinking lights was discussed. We just came because I just wanted to sign my boys up for the projects. And by the way, what is a project?

Kids pick a project that they are interested in. For example, a child can select dairy goats; specifically, a Nubian Dwarf Dairy Goat. Just kidding. No, really they can, but I’m not allowed. Apparently.

Gavin’s project is rabbits. He was considering working on sign language, but the idea of a cute, fluffy bunny changed his mind. Since his project is rabbits, he will be soon attending the 4-H Rabbit Group. Here he will learn all about rabbits (a.k.a. cute, fluffy, adorable bunnies).

I just read on the Arizona 4-H website that they learn how to select a rabbit. Ooops. We already did that. Oh well. We’re ahead of the curve. We haven’t been to a rabbit meeting yet, but his first meeting will be in November. At the meeting, we will probably learn that we’ve done it all wrong.

Tristan changes his mind about every day, so who knows what he’s doing. I do know that he will be doing Archery & Shooting, but not sure if he has finalized his decision on a rabbit. He’s gone from chicken, to goat, to rabbit, to nothing, to rabbit, to . . . They can do more than one project, which is pretty cool.

Here is Earl Grey. Take it away Earl . . .



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