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Our Feathered Friends

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our new feathered family members, so I figured I’d give an update. They’re all about 8 weeks old now and getting bigger every day. A few weeks ago, they made the move to the big outdoors, otherwise known as “The Big House”, thanks to Tristan. Fortunately for our birds, they live in beautiful Arizona, so even though it is winter, they get plenty of outdoor time. 60+ degree days help them out there, though I’m not so sure how happy they’re gonna be when God turns the heat back on down here! We’re still trying to remember what all the breeds are… Our neighbor, John, told us quite a few times what they all were, but… well… we can’t quite remember. We do know that we have a Buff Orpington (the tan one), some Rhode Island Reds (well, the red ones), a few Russian Orloffs (really beautiful birds), I think some Americaunas, and a bantam named Elvis, though we definitely can’t remember what breed he is. Not sure what type the black ones are, either… Oh well, one day we’ll get that all figured out.

In the meantime, we’re just really happy to have them growing. They are such a joy to watch – I could spend hours watching them peck around. Hoping to see some eggs soon! Okay… not really… In reality, it will probably be another 4 months before we see that. In the meantime, we’ll just keep them happy and healthy while they provide us with hours of entertainment.

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