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Release the Beasts

Sunday was the first day we let the chickens free range. It was exciting and we were a little apprehensive.

We were concerned about a host of things:

Will they find their way back to the coop? Answer: Yes, they were tentative about leaving the run and made several trip to and fro. They did have a little trouble figuring out where to go in and out. The doorway was confusing and remains troublesome for a few.

Will they fly over the fence? Answer: This hasn’t been an issue yet. They don’t venture far from The Big House and appear to only use their feathers to pick up speed or threaten others.

Won’t something eat them? Answer: Possibly and very likely. We have a few brazen hawks in the area that perch just above our property. Tristan has thrown rocks at one. The chickens also have great hawk eye-sight. They see them flying around and they shriek, run, and hide. Plus, we’re hoping one of our roosters takes the role of big boss. We have one now that I’ve noticed acting roo-like. I’ve noticed a few of them actually scare off the little LBJs (little brown jobbers).

So far so good. We keep an eye on them when they are out. Earl Grey met them on Tuesday. He was out prancing about in the garden and had an informal introduction to The Professor (the Blue Ameraucana), with two layers of fence between them. They both seemed to be thinking, “What are you?”

Annie is not too sure what this free range thing is all about. First, the chickens were nicely packaged in a chicken run and now they get to roam around the big backyard. Life just isn’t fair!


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