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The New Baby

We have a new little baby boy in our lives. He was born January 1st, 2014 and he bites.

We named this little bundle of teeth, Hank. We named him after a character in one of Gavin’s favorite series of books, Hank the Cow Dog. He is a Blue Heeler (a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog).

Before bringing him home, the boys built Hank and Annie a dog house. I only agreed to have another canine if they stayed outside. Since our weather is mild in the winter, this is acceptable. Matt and the boys worked hard building the dog house. I painted most of it last week. I say “most” because there was a sleeping puppy in the dog house’s doorway and I’ve always heard to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

Well, it turns out that LIFE just keeps on happening to us. Now the dogs will no longer be using their nice, cozy house. They will be sleeping inside after all. Oh well. Maybe we can repurpose the dog house.

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