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Market on the Move

Matt and I braved the wind this morning to stock up on veggies. We recently discovered that the Market on the Move comes to our area. What a great opportunity to stock up on fresh vegetables at a low, low, low price.

A semi truck unloads boxes upon boxes of vegetables. I mean boxes! Then many workers help direct you through an assembly-line.

We stood in line and were handed two boxes. Then we paid $10 to have a go-around. You can pay $20, $30, etc. and then receive the food you paid for. For us, $10 was more than enough. We had to reach over and collect a few more boxes, because two boxes just weren’t enough.

This is so great. I’m thinking about our family, even our animals, but I also know of families that are really struggling right now. I think this would benefit them tremendously. Not that I expect them to pay the $10 for a plethora of food, but that we have so much extra that we couldn’t possibly eat it all before it goes bad. I’m even thinking we could buy an additional $10 box of veggies and donate it to the church.

Anyway . . . down a rabbit hole, bring me back. The veggies we get are at their peak. I mean, you better make plans to use them right away. We selected bell peppers that we will have to cut away some yucky parts. But, they will freeze beautifully. We selected 17 straight neck squash, could have walked away with 40 zucchini (could only carry 30), and have tomatoes coming out of our ears. Ooooo, I have plans for them all. Freezing, canning, putting them in a few make-ahead meals, and using right away.

Now our CSA (farm box) is a great program. I know I’m getting fresh, organic foods. However, this is totally amazing too. No, I don’t know what the farmer did with the veggies. Probably covered them in some horrific Monsanto concoction. Ugh, I’m sort of talking myself out of this now.

Oh well. I’m just going to focus on canning tomatoes and freezing squash.

Yours truly, madly, deeply,


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