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Tailoring the Flock

Last weekend Matt, with some cursory help from the boys, processed several of our roosters. Sadly, it had to be done. Tristan and I thought we would be prepared to let them go, but we had NAMED them and you never name the ones that are going to get the ax. It really does help if you don’t think about them personally.

Tristan seemed all geared up to do some farm work: The processing of chickens. It didn’t work out quite as he had expected. I think he stayed for one and then decided he needed to do something in the house. Gavin, on the other hand, stayed for a little longer. He was assessing the situation and watching the sequence of events.

Thanks to our neighbor John, Matt was able to process the “roos” very efficiently. You see, our neighbor had demonstrated his technique to Matt and also the age old method of plucking out the feathers. Wow! Big difference. But, I will stop right there.

The Flock Today

Almost immediately, our flock took on a different feel. Pebbles, the remaining rooster, took charge of his ladies. Let me say this . . . he has a big responsibility and knows it. He used to be a pretty relaxed guy who liked to show off his new found crow. Cock-a-doodle-do! Now he is very concerned about the well-being of the hens. Personally, I think he likes to just boss them around because he can. There’s no one around that can stop him now.

Now that is absolute power.

However, he is still a cool guy. He is still a tyrant, but not a mean one.

The hens obviously have to ask him for permission to do anything. Before the flock size decreased, they were all coming and going as they pleased. Now, he tells them where they can go and when.

But, you know what? I have also seen that the hens get along with each other much better. Actually, they all seem to be a closer family. I’m guess that they all sit around complaining about that bossy rooster. And we all know that common ground is unifying.

For now, we are patiently awaiting the arrival of our first egg. I’m hoping that Silver (Silver Leghorn) shows us what she can do pretty soon. Besides, she’s the type to run around telling everyone what she made. It will make her day.

Since we are left with one rooster, to protect and serve, we decided that the rest of our hens needed names. It seems that the ones that had names already earned them while they were still under the heat lamps. Here are the names of our ladies:

Buff-Buff or Buttercup (Buff Orpington)

Silver  (Silver Leghorn)

Sally (Salmon Favorelle)

Elvis or Elvira once we determined he was a she (Cream Brabanter)

Olga & Svetlana (Russian Orloffs)

Henny Penny & Frenchie (Copper Marans)

Dirty & Esmerelda (Rode Island Reds)

Duchess & Lady or affectionately called the “Brahma Mamas” (Light Brahmas)

Pebbles (Light Brahma)

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