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Break Time

The boys and I have been feeling it. We’ve been ready for some time-off of school. I know I am ready for a b-r-e-a-k. Gavin already shared some dreaded news. He said that he was “bored” and claimed that he had nothing to do. Our break officially began today. So, he was on break for approximately 2 hours before his breaking news of boredom hit the newsstands. Seriously? Seriously.

Ahem . . . I did catch Gavin practicing his guitar today, without any prompting from the Mean Ol’ School Marm. Wacky, I know!

Our materials for this year have been purchased and are waiting patiently to be put upon the shelf. I am exercising considerable restraint in NOT putting them on the shelf. That would mean that we can begin and that is NOT accurate. We are on break. Break. Pause. Holiday. Vacation. No worky-worky. That is all.

This year’s theme is Rome to the Reformation. In case you are interested, they just ended their studies in Greece. They seem to appreciate the fact that they actually lived in Greece and have been to many of the places they have read about. Awesome!

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These are just some of the materials that they will be working on. There are plenty of books that they will be continuing with which are already on that ugly, gray, hideous shelf in our living room. Ugly. Gray. Hideous. Anyway . . .

We are now on break. It is official. We are not working. We are sleeping late (past 6:00). We are also practicing being footloose and fancy free.


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