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She’s Back!

Well, Ginger finally made it back from taking her test in Germany. She had quite the adventure making it back here to Crete. A real Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Oh, and I found out later that the story had even one more twist. When she got into Basel, she didn’t think things seemed just right so she talked with Information. Turns out she got off at the wrong Basel train station (there were 2 – go figure!). She had to make a mad dash to catch a taxi to the other train station. And believe it or not, she shared the taxi with a Greek couple that couldn’t speak any German. Fortunately for them, Ginger knew what to tell the taxi guy to get them all to the right station.

What a ride!

Another Hedgehog

Not sure how, but we tend to get hedgehogs in our yard every now and then. I’m beginning to think that they come to our yard just to die. Not a great thought, right? After checking on him for about an hour or so, I put on some garden gloves and carried him across the street where there is a field. Sometimes when I come home at night, I’ll see them run (if you can call it that) out of the street over to this area. Hopefully he’ll find what he’s looking for.


Another Visitor

Laiki Time

This past Saturday, we went to downtown Chania to check out the laiki. This is THE place to go for the freshest of fruits and vegetables, not to mention cheeses, rabbits, clothes, and whatever else you may need. The smells are just wonderful! This time we went with our friends Melania and Richard, who afterwords took us to a wonderful bakery. Click on the photo below to enjoy the rest of the photos!

Morning at the Laiki

Saying Goodbye

I have not been looking forward to this time, but knew it would eventually come. Our great friends, Harry and Kristie Hansen, are PCSing to Virginia. They will be flying out tomorrow, so in honor of that I put together the below slideshow/video for their last night at the chapel last night.

Being part of an overseas military community can be very hard as friends come and go. While you sort of get used to it, there are some friends that you meet that you just don’t know how you will get along without. Harry and Kristie – You have been great friends and family to us during our time together here. The last year and a half have flown by and I can’t believe you guys are leaving already. Thank you so much for sharing this time with us. We will truly miss both of you (and I don’t quite know how to tell Annie that Miss Peabody is leaving!). May God continue to bless you both and others through you.

More Cretan Traffic

Most days, we get some pretty good traffic in our quiet neighborhood:

We’ve lived here for over a year now, but I still love watching the sheep wander around the roads. It is amazing to see how timid these creatures are (and really, really stupid), but how well they know the voice of their shepherd. There is definitely a lot to be said for knowing the shepherd’s voice.


What happens when you get Gavin and Abigail together? You get Gabigail! Come on, it’s like Bennifer and Bradgelina or whatever. Now you get it 🙂

One day at school Gavin announced to Abigail that he was going to marry her. He told me that she wasn’t exactly happy about it at first, but he told her to be and it was okay after that. Ah, kids! Too funny. I think they look like miniatures of my mom and dad.

Next, I’ll have to get a picture of Bella and Tristan. I think she’s laying claim to him.

The Pauls came over for a play date. Tristan and Gavin just love Luke (Abby’s little bro). Plus, our neighbor came over to play too. The weather was just perfect for a day of play.

Cretan Rush Hour

There’s nothing like traffic that at a dead stop. But what if traffic was alive and breathing? Well, it’s possible – I’ve seen it from my yard!

Fortunately for us, that’s about all the traffic we have to deal with here!


I cannot believe that we have not posted any Christmas pictures. I guess we’ve been too busy playing with all of our new goodies and getting back into the swing of things.

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Going Kayaking

Okay, not yet – but I hope to be tomorrow morning. A couple of months ago I picked up a couple of hard shell sea kayaks from the base MWR auction and have been dying to try them out ever since. Well, today I have the kayak loaded up on the car, have my wetsuit and other cold weather kayaking gear ready (though with today being 74 degrees, not sure I really need it), and am all ready to hit the water bright and early in the morning. I’m pretty sure with tonight being New Year’s Eve I will have the water all to myself. Translation – since this is the first time I am trying out the sit-inside kayaks, I might end up in the water a few times trying to get in. So tomorrow is a good day to be without witnesses!

* Oh – and it just wouldn’t be Greece without a picture of one of our neighbor’s goats watching me load up the kayak!