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Another Hedgehog

Not sure how, but we tend to get hedgehogs in our yard every now and then. I’m beginning to think that they come to our yard just to die. Not a great thought, right? After checking on him for about an hour or so, I put on some garden gloves and carried him across the street where there is a field. Sometimes when I come home at night, I’ll see them run (if you can call it that) out of the street over to this area. Hopefully he’ll find what he’s looking for.


Another Visitor

Laiki Time

This past Saturday, we went to downtown Chania to check out the laiki. This is THE place to go for the freshest of fruits and vegetables, not to mention cheeses, rabbits, clothes, and whatever else you may need. The smells are just wonderful! This time we went with our friends Melania and Richard, who afterwords took us to a wonderful bakery. Click on the photo below to enjoy the rest of the photos!

Morning at the Laiki

Life, Death, and Miracles

And it all happened right here on the beautiful island of Crete. A couple of weeks ago, some friends of ours were taking out the trash (in the rain no less!) when they heard a noise coming from under some palm fronds by the dumpster. They looked around and found 2 baby puppies, still with their umbilical cords and wet from birth. Unfortunately, newborn puppies are often left by dumpsters here, but that’s another story… Fortunately, for these two cuties, someone rescued them!

Last week at our Wednesday night church service, they brought the puppies in with them looking for a sucker, uh… I mean volunteer, to take the puppies from them until they were big enough to give to the folks that wanted them. Our friends, in the meantime, were heading back to the states and the husband works all day so couldn’t be around to feed the puppies all day. So, you can see where this story is heading, right?

The next night, we picked up the puppies and brought them home with us. That’s when our little adventure began! I get the night shift with the pups, usually feeding them around 9 and 12 (and sometimes 3 if they don’t sleep through), then the early morning shift, and Ginger gets the day shift. The first morning I was up with them, I was feeding the puppies just like I had done the night before. I fed the little one (who cries the loudest and the longest) first, then fed the bigger girl. Tristan came in the room just after I had finished feeding her. It was then that I realized the puppy was not moving and just didn’t look right. I picked her up and she was completely limp – no breathing, no little puppy heartbeat, NOTHING!

Great, I have the puppies for one day and I kill one! I couldn’t let that happen without a fight – especially with Tristan sitting there in front of me, starting to look a little teary eyed. I grabbed the little puppy, pushed a few times on her chest, then stuck my mouth over her mouth and nose and gave her some air. After a few repetitions of this, she started to spit up some milk – then more and more milk. But, thanks to God granting me a miracle, she started breathing again and moving around. WHEW!!! Fortunately, she has been fine ever since!

Afterward, I did some research on the Internet and found out that I had probably fed her too much – I think the extra went into her lungs. I was under the impression that they would be like people babies and quit eating when they were full. Guess not! I won’t be making that mistake again. And Joanne, if you’re reading this – the girls are fine… now!

Exercise in Patience

No PhoneOr is that an exercise in frustration? For those that have been waiting to hear from us on the phone, you’re just going to have to keep on waiting… We have been waiting now for well over a month to get a phone line in our house. Unfortunately, things don’t work that quickly here in Crete. When we first moved in, the phone company was shut down due to riots going on with the shooting of a teenager by the police. Apparently, some folks thought it would be good to target the phone company as well and destroyed the building and all the computers in it. So, thinking I would be smart, I decided to try putting in an order for the phone line through the online system. After all, that works everywhere else I’ve been; why not here? I received a call the next day and was told that I would have a phone within 2 days. Believe it or not, I actually did. I was so excited that I was able to get that taken care of without the hassle of dealing with the local phone company in person.

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New Feature

Hey everybody! You know, sometimes we don’t always keep up with the posts here as much as we want to. So, to keep everybody in touch with what we’re doing (at least as best as possible), I’ve added a new page to the site today, called Lifestream.

Lifestream | The Barker's World

What what the heck is a lifestream you ask? Well, I don’t know how to best explain it to you other than to say it is a constantly updated stream of everything we are doing online. Still confused? Don’t worry about it, just check out the new page.

Heading Back!

Well, my journey is almost over. I took a plane yesterday morning to Athens, took a taxi to a bus station to catch a bus to Volos. When I got to Volos, I went to the customs broker’s office to get my car, but it turns out that the customs office was closed for the day – at 2:00 in the afternoon! Where do I get one of those jobs?

So, I stayed overnight in Volos, got up early and ate breakfast, then headed down to the port to pick up my car. I was told to be there around 8:00, so I gave it a little extra time and got there about 8:20. I called the lady I was supposed to meet and SURPRISE – she wasn’t in yet. So, I stood out by the gate freezing my butt off for a half an hour then called again. Uh, not there yet… So, I waited another half hour and finally got in touch with the right lady. Only it turns out I was at the wrong gate. So, she sent a guy on a scooter to pick me up; that was fun!

Got to the office, spent about an hour or so there just waiting and waiting and finally I could get my car. Okay, so back on the scooter and out to my car. I quickly checked the car out and headed out down the road back to Athens. It was actually pretty uneventful. I’m glad I’ve been working out the Greek alphabet, though, because without that I would not have recognized the word Athens on some signs. That would have sucked!

Anyways, I made it to Athens, then over to Piraeus to the port to catch the ferry to Chania. After 3 hours of waiting around, I got on the boat and that’s where I am now. Another hour and a half until we leave, then 8 hours until we get to Chania.

Moving Out!

Well, it is almost that time. We are now just 2 days away from our big move to the island of Crete. It has been a very long process to get this done and now that the time is upon us, it is just now starting to hit us that we are actually moving. We have been in Heidelberg for almost 6 years now and have really developed quite a few relationships that we are really going to miss. This has been Gavin’s only home; it is where he was born back in 2004. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that we are going to miss about this place.

First and foremost, our friends Roy and Krystal (along with Zach, CJ, Kallee – and don’t forget Bella!) are going to be the hardest to leave. They have been there for us so many times that we can’t even begin to count. We love them tremendously and know that they will forever be a part of our family (hopefully we’ll find a way to get them over to visit us in Crete). When I imagine what friendships should be like, I know that what we have with them is a perfect example. If you guys are reading this, we love you tons!

We will also be leaving our church family behind, though we know that we will still remain a part of the church for a long time to come. Ken and Danine, along with the rest of the Klinner family have also been a big part of our family and have been a huge encouragement for us. For those that didn’t know, we have been the children’s and associate pastors at the church for a while now. We have come to know the true meaning of fellowship there and have been privileged to be a part of an international church body. For those that are curious about the place, it is Victory International in Heidelberg, Germany. If you are ever in Heidelberg and are looking for a church home, they would love to have you!

Anyways, after today we have one full day left here in Germany and then it’s off to Crete. Exciting times are ahead of us and we hope that everyone can continue to share in our lives through this site.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags

Debbie Meyer Green BagsToday I came across a post on one of my favorite recipe sites that talks about a product called Debbie Meyer Green Bags.  Now, Ginger will probably tell you that I am a sucker for gadgets like this.  As a side note, I think I get that from my mom, who always has tons of catalogs around full of cool little gadgets!  Anyways, the Green Bags are supposed to help significantly extend the life of your produce.  For those of us that like to have fresh fruits and vegetables around, but find their lives draining away before we get a chance to eat them, these look to be a big help.  Take a look at the original article here:

It gives a really good review of the bags; in other words, no snake oil here!  You can find them just about anywhere, to include  Anyways, just a tip that I thought I’d pass on to anyone interested!