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Honey, I’m Home!

What’s better than pulling weeds in your own yard? Or hanging clothes out on the clothesline that your husband put in? I’m living the dream. Seriously, this is my dream. I have my family, my health, and my own house. What more could a girl ask for? Plus, I think we found a church-home. Skidamarinkydink!

As Matt and I walk around the house our house, I’ve noticed that we have started making plans. Why not? It’s our house. Hmmm, maybe we could do this, add that, or change this.

Homeownership is difficult to describe. There is definitely an emotional attachment and investment already taking place. I guess it’s sort of like parenthood. You think you understand the relationship between parents and kids before you have your own. Then when you have your own children, you realize how clueless you were. Actually, this accurately describes how I feel every night my head hits the pillow.

Okay, so your dream may not be quite like mine. My life experiences and preferences have just gravitated to a more rural lifestyle. I take joy in hearing the neighborhood roosters making their declarations. I love that the people in my neighborhood all wave to you. We even had someone bring us a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” basket of goodies.

Yes. I think I can safely begin to start putting down roots.

And pulling weeds.

Happy Homeowner, G. Bark


Mount Lemmon

A trip back home just isn’t complete without heading up to the top of Mount Lemmon. Nana and Papa have a cabin up there that the family gets to enjoy throughout the year. Fortunately, the big fire of 2003 didn’t burn it down. Some brave firefighters did some fantastic work to make sure that didn’t happen.

I was hoping to do an overnighter up there and get some pictures of the Tucson lights, but that didn’t work out. But hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures I did get.

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Elgin Winefest

While we were staying with Nana and Papa, we took a quick trip over to a winefest at the Sonoita Vineyards in Elgin. Not many people know that they make wine in this area, but they do – and it’s pretty darn good at that. What’s even better about this area is the scenery; once you start getting into Sonoita, there is a drastic change in scenery – it is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Arizona. Hopefully the photos I took did it a little bit of justice.

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Second Half of the Trip

Riding the horse

For the second half of our trip back, we stayed with Matt’s parents in Corona De Tucson (just outside of Tucson). We had a great time with Nana and Papa. The boys loved picking up the Mesquite beans and feeding them to their cousin Samantha’s horses! They also got to ride around a lot on the electric quad we bought Tristan the last time we were home. What was even better was that Tristan and Nana took a few bike rides while we were there. I have never in my life ever seen my mom ride a bike, so this was pretty amazing!

The temperatures were up there most of the time we were, so we spent a lot of time at Aunt Peggy’s house swimming in her pool. The boys did fantastic there! By the end of our trip, Tristan was swimming without floaties and Gavin was jumping off the diving board by himself! They are definitely growing up fast.

Near the end, we stopped by and visited with Matt’s grandparents in Tucson. We had a wonderful time visiting with them, and got some great books for the boys while we were there.

Overall, we had a fantastic trip back home and already miss everybody back there. But, thanks to Skype we get to see Nana all the time now! If anybody else wants to talk to us through Skype, just send us an email for our Skype name.

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First Half of the Trip

Heading out!

For the first half of our trip back home to Arizona, we stayed with Ginger’s parents in St. David. The boys really love going here; not only because they get to see grandma and grandpa, but also because of all the cool “toys” grandma and grandpa have.  We spent a wonderful week here, hanging out by the lake, riding around on the Rhino-Rhinoroceraus, and just relaxing with family.

Ginger’s brother, Sam, also made it back home for our visit, so we got to enjoy him being there, too.

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Heading to Arizona



We headed out for our latest Arizona adventure on July 21st.  We made it safe and sound, althought Tristan did throw up all over me on the flight from Germany!  Great stuff.  Anybody that knows me well enough knows that I don’t handle throw up very well.  Anyways, I digress…  Other than that we had an uneventful trip, which in the world of airline travel is a good thing!

We are now in Arizona.  It has been 2 years since I’ve been back here and I am really looking forward to this trip.

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