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Church Canoe Trip

On the 1st of September, we took a canoe trip with our church, Victory International.  We were a little hesitant at first because we weren’t sure if we should take just Tristan or be brave and take Gavin, too.  In the end, we took both the boys and were so impressed by how well they both did.  The canoe ride itself was on the Neckar River and it took about 3 hours to get through.  We really had a great time, but what did suck was the 3 places we had to stop and pull the canoe along some rocks to get to the other side of some dams.  When I say that, I mean dad had to lug the huge, heavy, back breaking (am I getting any sympathy yet?) canoe.  Although I am just now finally getting over all the aches and pains (1 month later!  I must be getting old…), I am so glad we did it.

Afterwards we had a little barbecue nearby.  It sprinkled for just a little bit, but other than that the weather and the company was fantastic.  We really are enjoying all of the new family members we have at the new church.

FYI – I didn’t get any pictures along the way because my camera was in a big plastic barrel that was too hard to keep getting in and out of.  Oh well…