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Christmas Market

Well, one thing that I have definitely missed about Germany is the Christmas Market. You can find one in just about every town and each one seems to have its own unique flavor. But one thing you can be sure of – there will be Glühwein. Nothing else can keep you warm and satisfied as you trundle along looking at the various Christmas wares. Ahhh… Christmas in Germany. I love it!

Hotel Holidays

So we are now just 20 days away from Christmas and still living in a hotel. We gave the house hunt our best shot… and lost! We found the perfect house last week through a realtor and knew it was THE ONE. Then the next day someone decided to buy it! Go figure! The house had been on the market for over a year and just as we’re about to rent it, it sells!

So, we finally gave up and picked the house we were shown 2 months ago. We haven’t signed the lease yet, but that should be all taken care of on the 10th, then we’ll move in on the 15th.. Which, if things go right, will have us all moved in before Christmas.


Sankt Nikolaus

One of the interesting things about living in a different country is finding out about all the different holidays that get celebrated where you are.  Well, today they are celebrating Sankt Nikolaus (name sound familiar?).  He is considered to be a pre-Christmas messenger that examines kids’ behavior.  The kids leave a boot outside their door during the night.  If they are good, when they wake up they will find gifts of toys or sweets (where we are at, it is usually apples, oranges, nuts. etc.).  On the other hand, if they are bad, they will find a tree branch in their boot (basically to represent a bundle of switches) reminding them that they need to shape up or else!

Anyways, just a little bit of culture from this side of the ocean for those interested!

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