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Hard Choices

I hate making important decisions. I don’t even like deciding what I’m going to make for dinner or which t-shirt I’m going to wear today. It’s not that I want to make everyone happy, it’s that I’m certain that there must be a “right” answer. Making the right decision has a satisfying emotional signature embedded into it.

Decisions that have a great impact on others tend to invoke a paralytical state within me. I find myself running cost-benefit analyses and analysing endless potential outcomes. Fun. Stuff.

Pair this decision-making method with a short time frame in which to make the decision and you get teeth grinding at night and long, stressful days at work. Then you add in a little bit of nostalgia and a dash of expectation. This created a mess inside my head! But, to be honest, I was too busy at work to entertain thoughts about the “big decision.”

Of course, there were nights when Matt and I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Neither of us capable of falling asleep, as a combination of doom and excitement overtook us. We engaged in the “What ifs” of cyclical tail chasing. What if . .. What if . . .

Make a decision. Don’t disappoint the people you love. Make a decision. Don’t disappoint yourself. Make a decision. Opportunity is knocking. Make a decision. Yes. No. Yes. No.

We made a decision, because there was one that had to be made. Just like getting dressed in the morning or having to feed my family. You just have to make the decision. Everything else will fall into place. Life will go on. It really will.

The end result of our upheaval and chaos has led to our return to Crete.

We’re back baby!

Making global decisions,

Decision Diva


New Family Picture

Well, we finally did it!  It has been a while (2 years I think) since we got our pictures taken and the boys have obviously changed quite a bit.  Well, technically we got them last year, too, but since they aren’t exactly the normal "American" size, they just sat in the envelope collecting dust.  Fortunately they had a deal at Tristan’s school where the same company that did the kid’s pictures offered family pictures, too.

The boys are getting big; Gavin will be 4 in February, and Tristan is a proud 6 year old first grader.  Aren’t they both so handsome?  I think they take after dad!  Okay, mommy too!