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Ginger’s Big Day

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Almost 19 years ago today, I met my beautiful wife, Ginger. It was 1998, I was still in the Army and had just got stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. A good friend of mine happened to know Ginger and, fortunately for me, introduced us (though it did take some time before she finally agreed to meet me). It didn’t take us long to fall in love and eventually get married just 6 months later. To say that my life was never the same would be an understatement. This woman fundamentally […]

She’s Back!

Well, Ginger finally made it back from taking her test in Germany. She had quite the adventure making it back here to Crete. A real Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Oh, and I found out later that the story had even one more twist. When she got into Basel, she didn’t think things seemed just right so she talked with Information. Turns out she got off at the wrong Basel train station (there were 2 – go figure!). She had to make a mad dash to catch a taxi to the other train station. And believe it or not, she shared the taxi with a Greek couple that couldn’t speak any German. Fortunately for them, Ginger knew what to tell the taxi guy to get them all to the right station.

What a ride!

Dang Volcano!

Well, for those of you that have been keeping up, Ginger flew to Germany this past Thursday to take her NCE exam. She has been studying and studying for this test for so long now. Well, today she finally took the test (won’t find out results for 6-8 weeks!), but the stress continues because some dang volcano in Iceland wants to go and erupt, spewing clouds of ash into the sky and preventing thousands of flights from taking place in Europe.

Most of the airports in Mid to Northern Europe are shut down – and yes, that includes the Frankfurt airport! So, for now Ginger is stuck in Heidelberg with just a couple of days worth of clothes. I’m thinking that if she doesn’t get out of there by Tuesday, we’re going to have to get her a train ticket to Rome, where she can hopefully catch a flight to Athens and then back here to Crete. That is… if Rome doesn’t get shut down by then, which I am hearing rumblings of. In the meantime, the volcano keeps spewing more ash into the sky.


Volcano erupting in Iceland



Another cram session

Ginger has been studying for her NCE exam for a very, very long time now and she is just one day away from flying to Germany to take it. This is her next step in becoming a certified counselor. We are all very proud of how far she has come and know that she is going to do great on the test.

Having said that, we all know that testing can bring on the jitters, so feel free to send her some words of encouragement (if you don’t know how to get in touch with her, just use the contact page). I’m sure she would also love some prayers for those that are the praying type! Go Ginger!

BTW – She will be finishing her Master’s Degree up in just a few weeks now. Woo Hoo!