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Ginger’s Big Day

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Almost 19 years ago today, I met my beautiful wife, Ginger. It was 1998, I was still in the Army and had just got stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. A good friend of mine happened to know Ginger and, fortunately for me, introduced us (though it did take some time before she finally agreed to meet me). It didn’t take us long to fall in love and eventually get married just 6 months later. To say that my life was never the same would be an understatement. This woman fundamentally […]


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It’s that time of year . . . to head on over to Apple Annies. Apple Annie’s is a pick-your-own farm. They have an orchard and a separate site for vegetables. We went last year, for the first time, with Nana & Papa. Most memorable moment: Mud-caked shoes. We had a great time and were busy canning in the following weeks. Apple Annie’s has a cornered market. They make you pick your food. And then they make you pay for it. And a hefty payment it is, by the way. […]

Break Time

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The boys and I have been feeling it. We’ve been ready for┬ásome time-off of school. I know I am ready for a b-r-e-a-k. Gavin already shared some dreaded news. He said that he was “bored” and claimed that he had nothing to do. Our break officially began today. So, he was on break for approximately 2 hours before his breaking news of boredom hit the newsstands. Seriously? Seriously. Ahem . . . I did catch Gavin practicing his guitar today, without any prompting from the Mean Ol’ School Marm. Wacky, […]

Devastation in the Desert

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We sure do love rain around here. Rain. Glorious rain. Not hail! I woke up to a devastated garden. It literally looks like someone took a baseball bat to the garden. Zucchini leaves were just decimated. My sweet cucumber plants were annihilated. The melon plants were smashed. Tomatoes were a close call. There were countless broken stems and little maters scattered about┬áthe ground. I’ve been waiting patiently waiting for a tomato. It looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer. Pepper plants . . . well some will recover and […]

Market on the Move

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Matt and I braved the wind this morning to stock up on veggies. We recently discovered that the Market on the Move comes to our area. What a great opportunity to stock up on fresh vegetables at a low, low, low price. A semi truck unloads boxes upon boxes of vegetables. I mean boxes! Then many workers help direct you through an assembly-line. We stood in line and were handed two boxes. Then we paid $10 to have a go-around. You can pay $20, $30, etc. and then receive the […]

The New Baby

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We have a new little baby boy in our lives. He was born January 1st, 2014 and he bites. We named this little bundle of teeth, Hank. We named him after a character in one of Gavin’s favorite series of books, Hank the Cow Dog. He is a Blue Heeler (a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog). Before bringing him home, the boys built Hank and Annie a dog house. I only agreed to have another canine if they stayed outside. Since our weather is mild in the winter, this is acceptable. Matt […]

Our Feathered Friends

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our new feathered family members, so I figured I’d give an update. They’re all about 8 weeks old now and getting bigger every day. A few weeks ago, they made the move to the big outdoors, otherwise known as “The Big House”, thanks to Tristan. Fortunately for our birds, they live in beautiful Arizona, so even though it is winter, they get plenty of outdoor time. 60+ degree days help them out there, though I’m not so sure how happy they’re gonna […]

Chicken Coop Finale

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I dropped the ball on this whole Chicken Coop Update. The good news is that you already know what the coop looks like. But . . . you haven’t seen the completed coop. It looks fantastic. Great job Matt! And the boys did an egg-cellent job painting. Let me reiterate that there was a lot of painting. Did I mention all the painting we did? Now, we have a nice home for our chickens. I’m a little jealous, but I couldn’t live with a bunch of cackling hens. So, I’m […]

Nearly Finished

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The chicken coop is close to completion. I had considered turning it into a bunk house for the boys, but the desire for chickens won out. Hey, maybe they all can sleep out there. Just kidding. Maybe. Matt has worked really hard at finishing this baby up. He goes straight out to work on it when he comes home. A little here. A little there. Don’t worry. I have more projects in mind to keep Matt busy. See, I told you not to worry. Matt built the nesting boxes for […]

DIY: Laundry Detergent

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I did some digging and found a super easy and economical recipe for laundry detergent. I want to avoid as many additives, chemicals, dyes, and perfumes as possible. Gavin’s skin is pretty sensitive, as well as my own, so I like to play it safe. I’ll be honest, I used to prefer Gain. I love that Gain fresh scent! But that stuff seriously irritated Gavin’s skin and NOTHING is worth going through THAT again. I also do not use fabric softener for a variety of reasons including: a) it’s really […]