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Jeeping In Our Jeep

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On Saturday, we took a break from the chicken coop construction. Matt has been a member of the local 4 wheel drive club here, called Range Riders for almost 15 years. He finally had the chance to go on a “run” with the group this past weekend. A “run” is basically going out with some like minded 4×4 enthusiasts and having fun. We started out strong, but . . . well, let’s just say they didn’t end the same way. And for the record! Jeeps never get stuck. They just […]

Coop Progress: Days 5 & 6

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I’m a little behind in telling you about our progress. There has been quite a lot of progress, but I’ve been just too exhausted to write about it. We worked on the coop all day Friday & most of Sunday. But . . . we took Saturday off to go play. And guess what? We painted a little more. How fun! We decided on a color for the hen house and it’s RED! How traditional. Here is what we have done so far, plus Matt has installed a bunch more […]

All Cooped Up: Are We Done Yet?

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The days are all starting to blend together. I’m trying to recall what exactly we did on the chicken coop construction yesterday and I got . . . nothing. Granted, I haven’t had my coffee yet, but . . . Okay, things are better now. My eyes are open and my mind is starting to clear. Day 4 of this whole chicken coop operation was spent painting AGAIN! And Matt constructed the support beams for the hen house. We also took another trip to the lumber yard. I think we […]

Chicken Coop: Day 3

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Yesterday ended with some real progress. Truth be told, everyday has ended with progress, but Day 3’s progress was made evident by the appearance of a real chicken coop shape. And I must say, it is rather shapely. Rectangular shape-ity, shaped shape. We were able to assemble the three other walls of the frame before noon. We were able to build the first walll yesterday. The walls were a quick task. Then we laid them out according to their respective locations and attached them to the base. Then the roof […]

DIY: Chicken Coop

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It’s Columbus Day and we’ve decided that today is the day. We have been dreaming, reading, planning, thinking, and well. . . dreaming about raising chickens. We have spent many hours pouring over chicken literature. Studying the various needs of chicken habitat and coming up with our own ideas of how we want to set-up our chicken endeavor. We also have the privilege of having neighbors who also raise chickens. How awesome is that? It’s awesome, trust me. Today was Chicken Coop Day 1. It’s safe to say that this […]


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We just returned from another amazing trip. This time we ventured into Portugal. We spent a week in the most south-western point in a village called Sagres. Unfortunately, it was extremely windy and on the cool side so we were unable to spend everyday at the beach, as I had envisioned. However, we made some wonderful memories with the kids.

Tapas or Appetizers?

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The other day we decided to eat out for dinner. Walldorf is a town just down the road from us and has a few restaurants along the shopping area. Matt and I felt daring and decided on La Tortuga. It’s a Spanish Restaurant and has a nice¬†ambiance. I’d been there before with a friend and I had enjoyed it. So, I was excited to bring the family there to try Tapas. When we got the menus I realized that Tapas probably wouldn’t be a great idea after all. The look […]

DIY: Corn Tortillas

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Last year we bought another kitchen gadget. The tortilla press. I have to admit, I absolutely love this little guy. You can use it for much more than corn tortillas. I have also used it to make pitas. And what’s not to like? You make a ball and then smash it down. It’s a lot like playing with play-doh. That’s probably why the kids like using the press. Homemade corn tortillas are worth it! 1. They are so easy to make. 2. There are only two ingredients: Masa Harina & […]

The Last Week

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This was the 34th week of school for the Barker boys. Their mean old schoolmarm even made them do some work Friday – the very last day of school. They only had a few things to do. Earlier in the week they took their big geography test, which they have been learning all year. Tristan is still working on his country report. He wasn’t even assigned a report, but I thought he should do one. Aren’t you glad I’m not your teacher? Anyway, I got him started a little late. […]

Update: Salty Science

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It took a long time, but it happened. The water from the salt water experiment finally evaporated. We were left with some serious salt formations. I have to admit that the boys were very patient with this experiment. They checked the progress regularly for many weeks. Honestly, I was ready to be finished two weeks into it. They continue to impress and amaze me. Good work little dudes.