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Carnival in Rethymno

Last Sunday, we rushed out of church and headed down the National Highway here in Crete on our way to Rethymno. Every year the largest Carnival parade on the island is held in this town. The drive was crazy as usual – the norm on the National Highway here – but we made it without damage. They had a roadblock for all the parade goers, so that you parked outside of the city and rode the bus into the center of town (free of charge).

The parade was pretty cool, but definitely different from parades in the states. Here, you find a lot of the paraders (is that what you call them?) smoking and drinking while marching along. One float in particular took the cake. It was a large boat, with a smaller boat pulling it. The smaller boat had a nice little wetbar built in along the side that had quite a few partakers. The large boat had a covered deck at the top. In the deck sat a woman smoking away, surrounded by little kids. Hmmm… Hasn’t anybody heard about the dangers of second hand smoke? It actually reminded me of when I went to the local hospital here to donate blood and saw quite a few of the doctors with cigarettes in their pockets.

Ahhh, I digress. Anyways, the parade was good, but definitely on the long side. So we headed down towards the harbor to get some good grub. They have a cool Venetian fortress here as well as a beautiful lighthouse. The food was good, the drive home just as uneventful (but not any less crazy).

Enjoy the photos!

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