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Athens trip – Part I

A couple of weeks ago, we took a 4 day trip to the Greek mainland with our friends Harry and Kristie Hansen. On Friday morning, Ginger, the boys and I flew up to Athens and hopped on a train to take us downtown to our hotel. The lady at the ticket counter explained something about getting off at one point and transferring to another train. I wasn’t too sure of what she said (very thick accent), but we headed off to the platform anyways.

After about 8 stops, I just knew that the next stop was going to be the one we needed to get off at and transfer trains. So, the stop comes up and… we keep on going. The train doesn’t stop because the stop I wanted to get off at was currently being built. Oh well – off to the next stop! We get off at the next stop and waited for about 30 minutes for the next train to come in on the other side and hoping that was the train we needed to get on, we hopped aboard. We knew we needed to get to the “Larissa Station”, but that was about it. The train went deeper and deeper into Athens and we really had no idea if we were on the right train or not, but since none of us was interested in hopping off a moving train, we stayed on and enjoyed the ride. When the train finally stopped, we looked out at the train station and didn’t see any signs other than “Athens”. We decided it was a good time to get off and get our bearings.

We crossed the tracks and went into the train station. After looking around a little bit, I finally found a sign for Information and quickly headed in that direction. I asked the guy how to get to the Larissa Station and he gave me a strange look and said I was standing in it. Okay, so I definitely felt like the dumb tourist, but we were where we wanted to be so I got over that quickly.

Outside, we found a kiosk where I purchased a local map so we could find the hotel. Fortunately it was just a short walk away, so we were off – into the heart of Athens on foot. We found the hotel easily enough and checked in – about 2 hours after we arrived.

Since Harry wasn’t scheduled to arrive until later in the afternoon, we decided to find something close by to do in the meantime. Looking at the map the hotel gave us (too bad I just purchased one!), the closest thing of interest was the Athens National Archaelogical Museum. It was about 5 blocks away from the hotel, so off we headed, on foot again! By this time, Ginger’s feet were starting to blister already because she had worn hiking boots and they weren’t fitting so good this time. Fortunately, we found her some nice, new, bright white and shiny Puma knock-offs from a Chinese store in Athens. They were only 12 euro, so you can’t ask for too much, right? She was sure proud to wear those things for our trip, though I don’t think I’ve seen them since. Hmmm…

Oh well, back to the story. As I was saying, our first stop was a museum. It had some very cool relics – it should, though – it is Athens, right? I spent most of the time chasing Gavin around, trying to make sure he didn’t break anything (did you check out his “bored” video?), while Ginger and Tristan took the slow route and enjoyed the displays. Click the photo below to see all the photos:

Athens Trip - National Archaelogical Museum 

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