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Dang Volcano!

Well, for those of you that have been keeping up, Ginger flew to Germany this past Thursday to take her NCE exam. She has been studying and studying for this test for so long now. Well, today she finally took the test (won’t find out results for 6-8 weeks!), but the stress continues because some dang volcano in Iceland wants to go and erupt, spewing clouds of ash into the sky and preventing thousands of flights from taking place in Europe.

Most of the airports in Mid to Northern Europe are shut down – and yes, that includes the Frankfurt airport! So, for now Ginger is stuck in Heidelberg with just a couple of days worth of clothes. I’m thinking that if she doesn’t get out of there by Tuesday, we’re going to have to get her a train ticket to Rome, where she can hopefully catch a flight to Athens and then back here to Crete. That is… if Rome doesn’t get shut down by then, which I am hearing rumblings of. In the meantime, the volcano keeps spewing more ash into the sky.


Volcano erupting in Iceland

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