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She’s Back!

Well, Ginger finally made it back from taking her test in Germany. She had quite the adventure making it back here to Crete. A real Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Oh, and I found out later that the story had even one more twist. When she got into Basel, she didn’t think things seemed just right so she talked with Information. Turns out she got off at the wrong Basel train station (there were 2 – go figure!). She had to make a mad dash to catch a taxi to the other train station. And believe it or not, she shared the taxi with a Greek couple that couldn’t speak any German. Fortunately for them, Ginger knew what to tell the taxi guy to get them all to the right station.

What a ride!

2 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Nana on said:

    Wow – what a historical/hysterical documentary. God was surely with you as you were creating ‘wonderful’ memories! Good job!!

  2. Aubre Rice on said:

    Great story!! Good to see ginger….you look beautiful! Glad your home and congrats on your degree!!! You rock girl!

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