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Gramvousa & Balos Trip

On Memorial Day the boys and I took a trip to Gramvousa & Balos. Our friend Silvia invited us to go with her, her kids, and her house guest Katie. Our friends Richard and Melanie went too and were so kind to drive us. Unfortunately, Matt had to stay home and work on a school paper. The good thing is… he had the peace and quite necessary to get it done.

After waiting nearly an hour (or more?) the ferry left the port. It was incredibly slow, as compared to our last ferry ride to Santorini. After an hour of boating the island of Gramvousa was in sight. We saw an awesome castle on the hill top, overlooking a sunken pirate ship. The beach was beautiful and we were so glad to have brought our water shoes. Melanie, Richard, and Katie hiked to the castle while Silvia and I stayed on the beach with the kiddos. Gavin discovered some sea anemones living on rocks. They were so cool and sucked to our fingers. That was before we realized that we were probably being stung.

Once aboard the ferry, again, Tristan and I slid off into the water on the ferry’s water slide. It was attached to the side of the ship and we slid off into the ocean and climbed back onto the ship. Tristan did it a few times, but Gavin was quite certain he wasn’t going to try it.

Then we were off to Balos. Balos is not an island, but it is semi-secluded. While Silvia had the boys hunting for shells near the lagoon side, Melanie, Richard, and I went snorkeling. The water was so clear and we were sure we’d find some sea life. Well, we did find some life, but topless sunbathers don’t count! I found a few medium sized fish that I hadn’t spotted before. Aside from that, the bay was empty. Silvia, Katie, and the kids came over to us and showed us a huge back of shells. So cool!

Tristan went snorkeling around, mostly hunting cool shells. Gavin tried to put his mask on, but complained way too much. He managed to wear it for a couple of minutes and then let David borrow it. Silvia sent me out to look for some shells, while Richard, Melanie, Katie, and the boys headed off to jump off a rock into the water. I found some baby sand dollars and they are so cute.

On our way back to the port we were visibly tired and salty. We were a bunch of beach bums. But Silivia still had enough energy to teach Gavin the Macarena. Too funny! Melanie sat with Bella singing and playing a game, as Tristan, Gavin, Emelia, and Richard looked on.

We arrived back at the port and disembarked near 6pm. It was a full day, but the Barker’s day wasn’t over yet. Stay tuned for more…

Here’s the rest of the photos:

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