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While Matt was having fun with our good friends Harry & Kristie in Virginia Beach, I took advantage of my time alone. My friend Melanie and I took a morning hike. Melanie invited me over for breakfast and we had fresh orange juice, coffee, and yummy Greek yogurt with honey.

Then we headed out to the trail head. We started at Gouverneto and hiked down through a small gorge and finished out to a cove. It was getting quite warm and Melanie went for a swim. I just stuck my toes in the water and checked out the sea life.

In the midst of our hike, we ran into two American college backpackers who were way too hopeful in waiting for a local bus to pick them up. So we took them into the closest town (Chorafakia) and checked on the bus schedule for them. I hope they made it!

It was a really nice hike. Not very long and not exactly challenging. It is a perfect hike for the morning before heading to the beach.


One thought on “Hiking

  1. Matt on said:

    Not exactly challenging? Not exactly challenging? What?!? While not the longest hike, the hike from the bottom of the gorge is very challenging! From the steep steps to the uphill hike for the remainder of the path, this is a challenge for those of us that have slipped into a comfortable middle aged exercise routine (read NONE!)…

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