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“I shine,” says the sun,
“To give the world light,”
“I glimmer,” adds the moon,
“To beautify the night.”
“I ripple,” says the brook,
“I whisper,” sighs the breeze,
“I patter,” laughs the rain,
“We rustle,” call the trees,
“We dance,” nod the daisies,
“I twinkle,” shines the star,
“We sing,” chant the birds,
“How happy we all are!”
“I smile,” cries the child,
Gentle, good, and gay;
The sweetest thing of all,
The sunshine of each day.

-Louisa M. Alcott

As I was helping Tristan with his English assignment, I had the opportunity to read this poem. I’ll be honest, poetry is not an inclination of mine; nor do I enjoy reading it, creating it, or thinking about it. I’m just a simple gal and I was not wired for poetry. However, I found myself meditating on these words. I found myself considering that all of God’s creations have a way of praising and glorifying Him. Nature speaks to those that are willing to listen.

Perhaps, it is because it is snowing again. Or maybe I am just about full up on winter, gray skies, and lack of sunshine. But for some reason this poem sort of stuck with me today. It reminded me of my favorite place – outdoors. It’s a little difficult for me to be out when the weather is cold and wet. Maybe it’s the AZ girl in me.

Oh how I miss the shine of the sun and the warmth on my face. I see that Annie also misses the sunshine and being able to lay out in the yard in the sun. That warm, sunshiny embrace that just makes you want to nap. Zzzzzzzz.


Today she just stood at the window staring at the falling snow. I wonder what she was thinking.

Alcott writes that the sunshine is “The sweetest thing of all.” I’m not sure I agree with that, but I do look forward to having some in the near future.

Until then, I’ll have to settle for some hot cocoa, my ugly green sweater, and the fireplace channel.

One thought on “Sunshine

  1. Nana on said:

    Now I feel guilty. I just walked out of my windowless building into the wonderful sunshine and I LOVE IT! Almost feels like Spring. But maybe I’ll also get a chance to try the snow and hot chocolate when I come to visit. Can’t wait!

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