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They’re Back!

They have returned from the abyss. Also known as Belgium.

Tristan and Matt made it back Tuesday afternoon. They had a good time, but they brought something home with them. Besides a mountain of laundry – they brought that too. They brought home something we have not had in this house for at least a year.

The suspense is killing you isn’t it? If so, just read the next line and you’ll be satisfied.

It’s called . . . Idontfeelsogood. Not really, but it definitely has knocked them both out. Gavin had a touch of it too, but he recovered much more quickly.

This time around they have fevers! You know what that means. They are in and out of bed all day. What a bummer. They need t-shirts that say “I went to camp and all I got was sick.” Just kidding. They had a good time.

I can tell when Tristan’s fever has come on strong because his face turns bright red. His cheeks and ears literally glow red. This seems to be a better indicator of how he’s feeling than asking him directly.

Thankfully, I had already planned to make Chicken Noodle Soup on Thursday. Or not, because neither seem to be interested in eating it. Gavin and I are enjoying it anyway.

At least we are all getting to spend the rest of Spring Break together, right?


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