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The Last Week

This was the 34th week of school for the Barker boys. Their mean old schoolmarm even made them do some work Friday – the very last day of school. They only had a few things to do. Earlier in the week they took their big geography test, which they have been learning all year.

Tristan is still working on his country report. He wasn’t even assigned a report, but I thought he should do one. Aren’t you glad I’m not your teacher? Anyway, I got him started a little late. So, he will be working on the report during what is commonly known as “Summer Break”. I’m just looking out for his well-being. I don’t want him being bored all summer you know.

Since their Spring Break was sort of a bust, I decided to give them an entire week off from school. Next week, there will be absolutely no schooling taking place. However, I cannot guarantee that no learning will happen, of course. Then I think we’ll get back to a semi-school or half-day schedule for the summer. Nothing back breaking, just something to keep their brains intact and sharp for the next school year. Mostly, I want to prevent that “Mommmm! I’m bored” thing from occurring, keep them off the television as much as possible, and help them retain what they spent all year learning. Tristan’s next math is pre-Algebra and I want to give him a great start, not have to relearn concepts again.

We finished! And, we all survived. How cool is that?



2 thoughts on “The Last Week

  1. Matt on said:

    Have I told you how proud I am of you? You did amazing with the boys this year! I’d give you a raise, but since you work pro bono, I’m not sure how that would work. 😉

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