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If you know me at all, you know that I am a very trendy person. I am all about what is and what is not hot.

Just foolin’. I had you going there for a sec didn’t I?

I am, however, superbly keen on some of the newest trends that are ridiculous, dumb, hideous, and nonsensical. The kind that make you laugh out loud or perhaps you hear a slight whimper and realize that it escaped from your own lips.

For example, when traveling a couple of years ago from Athens to Frankfurt, I actually saw a woman wearing “Hammer pants.” Let me refresh your memory “Du du du du, du du, du du. Can’t touch this!” Apparently M.C. Hammer’s pants made a small comeback in Europe that year. I saw them several times.

Pegged Leg Jeans? I didn’t even know these had a name. An informant close to this source made the confirmation. I cannot divulge my source for fear of spontaneous, hysterical laughter. In an effort to warn others, I have spotted this phenomenon in Germany.

Jellies? Those rubbery, plastic shoes. Yep. I’ve seen them here too. Not just on babies or small kids either. On grown people.

The point of my message today is not focused on fashion. Or rather, what others think fashion is. I really want to tell you about this new trend I have witnessed. Actually, I think Matt brought it to my attention first.

Here it is: Drivers wearing earbuds when driving. I know, you thought I was going to tell you something funny. In fact, I think quite the opposite. This is very disturbing.

What this means is, that drivers really want to listen to their favorite music. I totally understand. The radio stations here are . . . special. At first, I thought drivers just wore an ear piece for hands-free cell use. It is against the law to drive and use your cell (handy) while it is in your hand. This is good. A very good law. That is why I thought, that the ear piece was phone related. However, under more scrutiny (I was just paying more attention by this time), I realized that I was wrong. Wait a second. That’s not possible. I mean, I was not completely correct. Matt was correct and I was not completely correct. Understand?

This is the newest fad. Driving and not paying any attention to what is going on around you. It doesn’t sound so chic when you say it that way. I can hardly walk and listen, let alone drive and listen. I practically fall into a trance whenever I pop in the ol’ headphones.

There is just something about taking the surrounding music and putting it directly into your ear. Focused attention vs. background noise. It’s just kind of scary to think that drivers are doing this more often.

And for the record, I wear jeans and t-shirts everyday.




3 thoughts on “Trends

  1. Matt on said:

    Hammer Pants – I totally remember people wearing those. “Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her?”

    Pegged Jeans – totally wore those (hey, I lived in “cool” California at the time!)

    Jelly Shoes – pretty sure those were what I wore that day I left my shoes in my mom’s car after her late night bowling league. Yes! I had to wear my sister’s shoes to school! Did I set a new fashion trend that day? I think not! But I was permanently scarred because of said incident.

    Now finally…

    I realized that I was wrong. Wait a second. That’s not possible. I mean, I was not completely correct. Matt was correct and I was not completely correct. Understand?

    No, I don’t really understand… But I am still putting it on the calendar just the same!

  2. Ginger on said:

    Matt – I didn’t know those were Jellies that you wore! I was thinking more along the lines of those super cool L.A. Gear shoes with double shoelaces. I some of those. Now, the cool people wore those.

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