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Running in Germany

Running in Germany has its ups and downs. I’m talking about recreational running, not running from a cheetah kind of running. That is a whole different sport. In Germany, for instance, I just love the infinite ways to get from point A to point B. There are so many paved paths that take you where ever you want to go and places you could never see by car. Plus, the countryside can be breathtaking. Like right now, the red poppies are sprinkled in the golden fields. IMG_0506

When running anywhere it is important to be prepared. For some it’s planning the route, distance, or time. Still for others, being prepared means dressing for the weather. Personally, I try on both counts. I usually have some idea of where my run takes me, how far I’m willing to go, and when I’m expected to return. But honestly, my legs usually do their own thing. My mind says, “Hey this is too much work. Let’s turn around and go home.” Whereas another part of me is saying “Shut up and run.” I’d like to think my legs have some say in the matter.

Dressing for the weather. Dressing for the weather in Germany. That one is a doozy. My standard uniform is Nike Tempo Shorts, a mis-matched tech shirt, a hat that used to be white, sporty sunglasses, and of course, running socks and shoes. My socks are so smart too. They tell me which is left and right, so I’ll never have to wonder.

This is my spring/summer get-up. It has failed at times. Miserably. There is a fine line between cold weather, wet weather, dry weather, and hot weather. Don’t get me started on cold-wet weather. Oy vay. Don’t get me wrong, I love when it sprinkles or even a nice and easy drizzle on a warm day. What I am saying is this . . . I go running and the sun is sort of shining, the temperature is mild, and all is well. I also check my weather app multiples times. When I’m at the half way point of a run, it starts pouring. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s no shelter in sight. That has happened to me . . . several times, in fact. And each time it does, I think that I have learned a valuable lesson. I’m starting to think that maybe there’s a different lesson to be learned here.

The point is, that if you let the weather dictate what you do and what you don’t do, you’ll never leave the house. Yes. There are times that I slosh up the front steps and vow that it will never happen again. But, you know what? It has. And keeps happening. I planned for it today. It happened. Thankfully, my scratched up, sporty sunglasses worked like a windshield in a car. I was able to see where I was going. I also wore my trusty, used-to-be white hat that helped keep the water from running down my head into my face. Hat and sunglasses seemed to be the key today.

Maybe I am learning something after all. And for the record, this photo was taken on a non-rainy day. Please note the rain clouds that fill the sky. No rain.

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