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All Cooped Up: Are We Done Yet?

The days are all starting to blend together. I’m trying to recall what exactly we did on the chicken coop construction yesterday and I got . . . nothing. Granted, I haven’t had my coffee yet, but . . .

Okay, things are better now. My eyes are open and my mind is starting to clear.

Day 4 of this whole chicken coop operation was spent painting AGAIN! And Matt constructed the support beams for the hen house. We also took another trip to the lumber yard. I think we will now be supporting the purchase of a new yacht for some CEO. But, we are in it to win it now. No turning back.

We purchased the large plywood panels for the roof and floor of the hen house, the plywood panels for the four walls. The south wall of the coop (or the rear wall of the hen house) will actually have two doors. These doors will give us access to the hen house for cleaning, egg retrieval, spying on unsuspecting broody hens, etc.

I’m starting to feel like a warden of a prison, except I don’t have the prisoners yet. “Okay ladies. Make me some eggs. Edith, you haven’t laid an egg in two days!” The movie Chicken Run is starting to make a lot more sense. That’s where I get my true education from – movies. Don’t judge. I learned a lot from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, too. Except Barnyard still has me stumped. Boy cows do NOT have udders.


Gavin and I painted the purlins for the roof and the cross beams for the hen house. Tristan sort of filled in here and there. He painted, helped dad, wandered around, and painted again. I think everyone is getting tired of painting.

Matt constructed the supports. It was a slow process because he had to wait for the beams to finish drying. When the beams were constructed, we cut and fastened some hardware wire above the hen house. This was a little bit tricky and time consuming due to the sloping roof and keeping in mind that the plywood would have to be constructed in the same spot. Matt carefully cut around the wire and bent it to form a lip for the plywood to sit on. It sounds confusing, but photos will help get the point across. Cutting the wire when attached is a painstakingly slow process.

We ended the day feeling like we accomplished nothing. That’s the way it goes on painting days. But, I know that Day 5 will have some more visible progress. Plus, I get to paint the hen house.

Can you guess what color the hen house will be?

Caffeinatedly yours,


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