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DIY: Chicken Coop

It’s Columbus Day and we’ve decided that today is the day. We have been dreaming, reading, planning, thinking, and well. . . dreaming about raising chickens. We have spent many hours pouring over chicken literature. Studying the various needs of chicken habitat and coming up with our own ideas of how we want to set-up our chicken endeavor. We also have the privilege of having neighbors who also raise chickens. How awesome is that? It’s awesome, trust me.

Today was Chicken Coop Day 1. It’s safe to say that this whole day went to the birds. Or was dedicated to our ladies-to-be. I snapped some photos of the guys doing the ground prep work. Let me start by saying that the ground in our area is nothing like the ground where you live. Our ground is hard like concrete, full of large stones, and is super dry. Keep this in mind when you see Matt and Tristan digging, prying, and scooping the rocks out to make way for the beams.

The first stage included making sure the base beams were level and secure. This was very time consuming due to the terrain. Gavin and I provided the comic relief, refreshments, and lunch. There wasn’t much we could do in the way of manual labor.

Next, we made our second trip to the lumber store. The biggest car we have is our trusty and faithful Vibe. So, we have to make several trips. We put the roof rack on and secured the wood to it.  After unloading, Matt measured andcut the boards that will become the frame for the coop. Then we painted one side of them Р2 coats. We ran out of daylight.

Tomorrow begins with painting the second side and then construction begins.


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