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Nearly Finished

The chicken coop is close to completion. I had considered turning it into a bunk house for the boys, but the desire for chickens won out. Hey, maybe they all can sleep out there. Just kidding. Maybe.

Matt has worked really hard at finishing this baby up. He goes straight out to work on it when he comes home. A little here. A little there.

Don’t worry. I have more projects in mind to keep Matt busy. See, I told you not to worry.

Matt built the nesting boxes for the hens. This is where they do their business . . . their egg laying business. What were you thinking?

We are considering changing the placement of the boxes to a pop-out style. What that means is that they almost pop-out of the side of the hen house, instead of being placed inside. The boxes would stick out from the side a bit and that would free up some space inside. We’ll see though. That would take more work and I do not want any more of that.

We hung the outer doors to allow access for cleaning and the refilling of snacks and beverages. Apparently the ladies might like a light meal as they head off to bed. Who knew?

We also installed the inner coop panels. Matt made sure to cut windows to allow ventilation in the summer. I don’t want to roast them prematurely. Every window or opening that has access to the outside world was covered with the hardware wire. And thanks to my keen observation skills, I had the opportunity to witness two young bobcats patrolling the empty coop. So . . . not only do we have to take into consideration flying predators (our friendly hawk who sits above the coop on a telephone pole), but also wild cats that can walk right through our woven wire fence! It was kind of cool.

That’s all I have for you. Or is it? I have more news to share about our chicken adventures, but you’ll have to wait.

Peace, love, and happiness,

Ginger – farm girl in training.

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