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Special Announcement

Special Announcement ×

You might think it silly, but I have a special announcement to make. The Barkers officially have a chick.


Gavin and I checked this morning before school and the eggs were all intact. Sometime before 11:00 one decided it was time. It was a light brown egg (in case you were wondering).

I had the idea to write a post about preparing to have chicks. On day 18 we took the eggs out of the rack and laid them on the grate inside the incubator. I was going to talk about that. But that post will never be written.

I decided to snap a couple of pictures of the eggs laying in wait. However, I was immediately alerted by the peeping of a new baby! ┬áLet me say that this little guy or gal is not graceful. He is just crashing around, bumping into his brothers and sisters. I can imagine him saying “Hello! I’m waiting to play.” Well, at least that’s what my kids would say.

I feel like I need to pick the kids up early from school or something! I cannot wait for them to see the chicks.

Yep. One hatched earlier than expected. I like that chick already. It’s an overachiever.

Proud mama,


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