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We’re Back!

That’s right baby! And just in case you are wondering what I am talking about . . .

Remember when I said that we were rethinking this whole public school thing? I mentioned this before Christmas. Well, we did make a final decision.

We decided to continue homeschooling our little angels tough guys. Talk about a lot of restless sleep over making that decision (again). Except, the first time around we weren’t inundated with white noise.  We knew right away what was best for our family. This time around there seemed to be so many “things” to consider. The bottom line is that nothing has changed. Okay, so our location changed, but God’s will for us has not. Also, our values have not changed. I think that was the factor that seemed to be overshadowed by “things”.

So, we’re back. Back to enjoying life. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t know what we’re eating for dinner.  But, my house is always, usually, sometimes clean. Thankfully, Matt steps in and helps save the day. This whole thing just seems to really work for us.

Who knew?

So, we’re back. I think I mentioned that. The boys are back to their study of Creation to the Greeks. You know I just love that! If you didn’t know, please know it now.


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