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The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On ×

Yesterday, June 4th, was National Running Day. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Facebook said it was, so it must be true.

I confess that I did not run on National Running Day. I’m a rebel.

I did run a little bit today. Indoors only. It’s way too hot to be outside, let alone running. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer the heat. Once upon a time, I actually headed to the beach on days like this.

For my birthday, Matt bought me a treadmill. I thought I’d use it on really windy days, but I had completely underestimated the early heat in southern Arizona. We were officially in the 100s last week and it will only continue.

Ways to beat the heat: Run indoors or don’t run at all. Heading outdoors at 4:30 am will not offer up much reward. Why? Because it doesn’t cool off enough to make that sacrifice worth it. There are those who brave those hours for that little respite, and I have great respect for them. Those that run in the middle of the day . . . well, they are just extra special.

Running in the heat, or any type of exertion, after having a heat-related injury is bad news. I know I’m sensitive to overheating after having experiencing heat stroke as a kid. You seem fine and then you cross a thin line and enter into misery. It can take me a day or two to recover, while other can just grab a cold drink and call it a day. Headaches, feeling sick, and lethargic.¬†And that’s not including any actual sun exposure, just heat.

So, running indoors is okay. I just have to remember to have lots of ventilation, even in an air-conditioned house.

Sweating to the oldies,



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