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Devastation in the Desert

We sure do love rain around here. Rain. Glorious rain. Not hail!

I woke up to a devastated garden. It literally looks like someone took a baseball bat to the garden.

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Zucchini leaves were just decimated.

My sweet cucumber plants were annihilated.

The melon plants were smashed.

Tomatoes were a close call. There were countless broken stems and little maters scattered about the ground. I’ve been waiting patiently waiting for a tomato. It looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer.

Pepper plants . . . well some will recover and a few will only get an honorary mention at the end of the season. Snip, snap, snappy.

And sssssnap went the onion stems. They refused to be upstaged.

I also had some seedlings and they are completely gone.

Don’t even get me started on my beautiful apples!


GBark, the garden gnome




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