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Ginger’s Big Day

Almost 19 years ago today, I met my beautiful wife, Ginger. It was 1998, I was still in the Army and had just got stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. A good friend of mine happened to know Ginger and, fortunately for me, introduced us (though it did take some time before she finally agreed to meet me). It didn’t take us long to fall in love and eventually get married just 6 months later.

To say that my life was never the same would be an understatement. This woman fundamentally changed my life in ways I could never have imaged. She is the most loving, giving, caring and need I say PATIENT woman I have ever met – which definitely helps when the odds are stacked against you 3:1 in favor of boys. She is an amazing wife, an absolutely astonishing mother, and someone I cannot imagine ever being apart from.

Today, Ginger celebrates her 40th birthday. I don’t know if I’m supposed to share that age, but did I also mention that she is very forgiving? In looking back over the last 19 years in what pictures we have, I began to increasingly appreciate who my wife is. She is a lover of life and of the moment; she sees a challenge and conquers it; she is tender and reserved; she is adventurous. But most of all, she is an amazing, caring, nurturing wife and mother and my absolute best friend.

Tristan, Gavin and I are the luckiest guys on the face of the planet and admittedly we don’t always appreciate that. But today is her day – today is our opportunity to show her how much she means to all of us. I only pray that God will give Ginger and I 40 more years together – and hopefully more. She truly is the air I breathe.

If she has been a joy to you as well, would you take a moment and wish her Happy Birthday in the comments below?

Finally, take a few minutes and enjoy a little bit more of this amazing woman in the pictures below.

6 thoughts on “Ginger’s Big Day

  1. Aubre Rice on said:

    Happy birthday to the super mom of all mom’s!! I wish I could live closer and get to know you better, but I love seeing all your adventures in pictures. Welcome to the fabulous 40’s girl! Have a wonderful day….and Matt, the post you wrote about your sweet wife was incredible. Sending love to you both!

    Love, Aubre

  2. melanie crane on said:

    Happy birthday, Ginger! Wishing we could all be together on Crete like the good ‘ol days to help you celebrate. Remembering our fun times playing on the worship team at the Chapel on base.
    Enjoy your day (and year) with your boys! Love, Melanie and Richard

  3. Sandeep Joseph on said:

    Dear Matt & Ginger,

    We consider it as a great blessing that we got to know you guys, and have you as our friends. Ginger is such an amazing person…I think we have already shared this with you, we are with full of praises for her seeing the way she takes care of her wonderful boys (including you, Matt :-)). I haven’t met many who are so humble and down to earth like Ginger, it takes no time to start a friendly, warm and meaningful conversation with Ginger. She is never in a rush, or depressed or in a bad mood or anything of that sort, instead has a cheerful spirit all the time. As she celebrates her 40th birthday, we thank the Lord for her life and pray to add another 40 for His glory.

    Love you all,
    Sandeep, Cindy & Marietta

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