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Running in Germany

Running in Germany has its ups and downs. I’m talking about recreational running, not running from a cheetah kind of running. That is a whole different sport. In Germany, for instance, I just love the infinite ways to get from point A to point B. There are so many paved paths that take you where ever you want to go and places you could never see by car. Plus, the countryside can be breathtaking. Like right now, the red poppies are sprinkled in the golden fields. IMG_0506

When running anywhere it is important to be prepared. For some it’s planning the route, distance, or time. Still for others, being prepared means dressing for the weather. Personally, I try on both counts. I usually have some idea of where my run takes me, how far I’m willing to go, and when I’m expected to return. But honestly, my legs usually do their own thing. My mind says, “Hey this is too much work. Let’s turn around and go home.” Whereas another part of me is saying “Shut up and run.” I’d like to think my legs have some say in the matter.

Dressing for the weather. Dressing for the weather in Germany. That one is a doozy. My standard uniform is Nike Tempo Shorts, a mis-matched tech shirt, a hat that used to be white, sporty sunglasses, and of course, running socks and shoes. My socks are so smart too. They tell me which is left and right, so I’ll never have to wonder. Continue reading

Karate Kid… and Karate Mama

Ginger and Tristan have been training in Shotokan Karate on the base for some time now. 2 weeks ago Ginger earned her yellow belt, and Tristan followed shortly after – earing his this past week. I want to congratulate them both on their wonderful accomplishment. I am so proud of my Karate Kid (I call him that all the time)! As for Ginger… I’m starting to get a little scared of her.

Photos courtesy of School of Shotokan Karate and Self Defence.

Tristan's First T-Ball Season

I’m finally getting more and more of the photos and videos off the cameras!  Here are some pictures from Tristan’s baseball season this past spring.  He really had a great time out there.  I do have to say that it is so much fun to be out there when the parents and coaches let the kids have fun.  The Rangers had a couple of great coaches this year.

Garmisch Ski Trip

We recently went on a ski trip to Garmisch with our church. There really wasn’t too much snow at the time, so not sure it was really a “ski” trip, but we had a great time nonetheless. Tristan did get to learn how to ski and did fantastic! It is amazing to see how quickly kids pick things up! Maybe its because they don’t have so far to fall! Ginger, on the other hand, took snowboarding lessons and is still recovering. Unfortunately there wasn’t too much snow on the ground to pad those falls! She did have a great time though, and will be back to boarding the next time we get the chance.

As for Gavin and I, we just hung out in Garmisch with a one day side trip to the Linderhof castle to snap a few pictures. The last time we were there they were renovating, so all I saw was this big sheet in front of the castle showing what it looked like behind the sheet! Enjoy the photos.

More photos…

Another Soccer Season Over

Well, Tristan’s fall soccer season is now over. He had a great time again, and really did a great job. I will be posting the rest of his soccer pictures in the photos area as soon as I am done weeding through them. In the meantime, below is a slideshow that was given out to all of the team members at the end of season party:

Runnin’ Girl

I just have to tell everybody how proud my boys and I are of Ginger. This past Saturday she competed in her first organized run. Much to my prodding, she decided to sign up for the 30th Annual Koenigstuhl Run. This run has been hosted by my organization (43rd Signal Battalion) for the past 30 years! It is an annual cross country run that goes from Campbell Barracks to the Koenigstuhl Tower. Most of you have no idea what that means, but it is an 8.8 km cross country route that is uphill the entire way!

Ginger decided to do the run a few months ago, and has been training as often as she could (which is not as often as she would have liked being a mommy and all) up until the run. While I was a little worried about how she would do in this run, she made me SO PROUD!!! I had hoped to make it up to the top of the hill with the boys (in the car, of course) in time to see her cross the finish line, but she beat me to it! She definitely did WAY BETTER than either of us had expected.

If you have a moment, send her an email congratulating her on an OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE. GREAT JOB HONEY!!!

Oh yeah, here’s some pictures!