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Ginger’s Big Day

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Almost 19 years ago today, I met my beautiful wife, Ginger. It was 1998, I was still in the Army and had just got stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. A good friend of mine happened to know Ginger and, fortunately for me, introduced us (though it did take some time before she finally agreed to meet me). It didn’t take us long to fall in love and eventually get married just 6 months later. To say that my life was never the same would be an understatement. This woman fundamentally […]

Gavin’s 7th Birthday

Today we celebrated Gavin’s 7th birthday with his friends at the Nefeli Taverna in Aroni. We had a great time and the food was wonderful as always and the cake was scrumptious! The sad part is this is our last weekend here in Crete. Only five days to go before we start our journey to Deutschland and the cold weather. We are definitely not looking forward to saying goodbye to all of our friends here, but are looking forward to seeing our old friends in Germany and getting back involved with our church there. Fortunately, with things like Facebook, you never really have to say goodbye anymore…

Here’s us singing Happy Birthday to Gavin:

Happy Birthday Nana!

Well, today is Nana’s 29th birthday (how many 29th birthdays can a person have anyways?) so we wanted to wish her Happy Birthday! We tried calling her earlier today, but no matter which phone we called, there was no answer. With the huge time difference, we really only have a small window to try and talk. Well Nana, Happy Birthday from all of us in Crete! We miss you and love you lots!

Mom and the Boys

Mom and the Boys

Sarah's Birthday



Holgar and Angelyn Kuhn from our church invited us to their daughter Sarah’s birthday down by the Neckar River.  It was such a beautiful place to hang out; quite a popular place actually!  We had been wanting to go hang out down there for years, but for some reason or another we never made it.  Pretty sad considering it is only about 20 minutes from our house…  Anyways, enjoy the photos!

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